Pokemon Shadow League

This is a very fun place where you can hang out with Pokemon fans from all over the world. You can request trades, challenge a friend to a Wifi battle. You can also join tournaments and win prizes. We have a chatbox were you can chat with people.

    ~PSL Rules~

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    ~PSL Rules~

    Post by Hooh4ever on Tue Mar 04, 2008 4:29 am

    Rule #1- Language

    No obscene or otherwise offensive language. This is the most important rule; please try to keep everything to a PG-13 level or lower.

    Rule #2- Staff to member relationships

    No staff member shall bribe, pick favorites, or single out any member while on the forum.
    All staff must either notify or send an e-mail to a userís account after invoking a warn, ban, or other infraction on a userís account
    When closing, editing, modifying, or moderating topics/posts, staff must state reason why they did what they did.
    Staff shall not call out any members via topic creation.

    Rules #3- Advertising, & Off Site relations.

    Members & staff alike shall not promote, use, link to, or advertise Roms unless first approved by an admin, and deemed legal to promote on site.
    Advertising isn't allowed within the boards. Links to external sites are allowed if they pertaining to the topic at hand. External links are also allowed in sigs as long as they are inconspicuous and not a blatant attempt to draw attention. All links must be of the appropriate variety. Any links to porn or inappropriate material will be deleted and the offender give an auto 3 day ban.
    When communicating with other forums, proper etiqutte is expected of our users at all times, especially when representing our site in any kind of inter-site competition.
    We do not promote site "wars" anyone that says otherwise is subject to reprecussions. We are a peaceful site.

    Rule #4- Cheating/Hacking

    Hacking is defined as any use of modifications, or programs that modify the original code of a game to get an unfair advantage in the game. This includes but is not limited to:

    Stat hacking
    Record Hacking
    D/C Hacks
    OHKO Hacks
    Invicibility Hacks
    Illegal Physics (Fly Hacks in FPSs, Illegal Avatars or character models)
    Illegal Movesets

    Cheating is defined as any means that would cause an irregularity in the regular outcome of a competition, match, game or battle. This includes, but is not limited to:

    Game Rigging
    Purposely losing
    Lying about results
    False reporting
    Excessive D/C

    Rule #5- Posting

    Double posting isn't allow. If you like to say some, edit your post.

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