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    Pokemon Breeding

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    Pokemon Breeding Empty Pokemon Breeding

    Post by SM2 on Sat Apr 12, 2008 6:38 pm

    Pokemon D/P Breeding

    Breeding was introduced in the g/s/c generation. It was a unique way to ''reproduce'' your pokemon in a way. Breeding in the d/p generation has gained more popularity and more value as next generation wi-fi battling has influenced all wi-fi battlers to breed.

    Now lets get onto the guide.

    There are several steps in breeding, but lets start with the basics.


    Species Breeding:

    Both perents HAVE to be male and female for obvious reasons >_>, a ditto can also be used to breed with ANY pokemon apart from legendary pokemon excluding manaphy of course.
    In total, there are 15 groups in total. These are:

    Bug Egg Group
    Ditto Egg Group
    Dragon Egg Group
    Fairy Egg Group
    Flying Egg Group
    Ground Egg Group
    HumanShape Egg Group
    Indeterminate Egg Group
    Mineral Egg Group
    Monster Egg Group
    Plant Egg Group
    Water Egg Grroup 1
    Water Egg Group 2
    Water Egg Group 3
    Pokemon That Cant Breed

    These are the 15 egg groups.


    Nature Breeding:

    Natures were introduced in the r/s/e generation in which the nature effected the behaviour of certain stats. Natures have positive, neutral and negative effects on stats that vary depending on the nature. All in all, there are 25 natures. Here they are:

    Adamant (+Attack -Special Attack)
    Lonely (+Attack -Defence)
    Brave (+Attack -Speed)
    Naughty (+Attack -Special Defence)

    Impish (+Defence -Special Attack)
    Bold (+Defence -Attack)
    Relaxed (+Defence -Speed)
    Lax (+ Defence - Special Defence)

    Modest (+Special Attack -Attack)
    Rash (+Special Attack -Special Defence)
    Mild (+Special Attack -Defence)
    Quiet (+Special Attack -Speed)

    Careful (+Special Defence -Special Attack)
    Sassy (+Special Defence -Speed)
    Gentle (+Special Defence -Defence)
    Calm (+Special Defence -Attack)

    Naive (+Speed -Special Defence)
    Jolly (+Speed -Special Attack)
    Timid (+Speed -Attack)
    Hasty (+Speed -Defence)

    Bashful, Hardy, Docile and Serious all have a neutral effect on all natures.

    Everstones help in nature breeding, if a female has the desired nature, giving it an everstone increases the chances of the pokemon being hatched to have that nature, to 50%

    Egg Moves:

    Egg moves are special moves a pokemon can only obtain through breeding two pokemon together whilst the father has the egg move. There are two ways of doing this, breeding pokemon of the same egg group with the father having the egg move, whereas the female being the correct species you want. For example, a Male tentacruel could breed rapid spin onto a female armaldo to make anoriths w/ rapid spin. The second way is to get a pokemon of the species you want with the egg move already and breed it with either a female pokemon of the same species or a ditto.


    Iv's (short for indivisual values) are valued across the d/p wi-fi world. Iv's are valued for traders while battlers breed iv's for the compettion on wi-fi. Iv's could be the vital difference to help you defeat your opponent.

    But before i go into that, i should tell you about ''iv breeding''. Iv's range from 0-31, 31 being the highest to obtain the full potential of the pokemons stats (though ev training also effects that). All pokemon in the game have iv's, and each anf every one of them are different. When breeding for iv's, you have a small control over the iv's you might be getting as 3 stat iv's from the perents are passed down. 1 from the male, 1 from the female and the last iv being randomly chosen. So, say you had....

    31/31/31/31/31/31 Breeding With 31/31/31/31/31/31

    The product has a guranteed 31 iv in 3 places, nifty huh? Unfortunetly, getting 6 31 iv's is as possible as seeing 4 shinies...in a row, Lol.

    How do iv's affect the pokemon you ask now? Iv's make the stat different, even through ev training, it cannot be changed. For example, an infernape with 31 speed iv's and 252 ev's in speed would outspeed a infernape with speed 30 iv's and 252 ev's in speed.

    When breeding, you can check out a pokemon's iv's through an iv battle, these battles are set on wi-fi in a lvl 100 set battle in which you stats are also placed on lvl 100. We use lvl 100 battles because they are the most accurate ways of checking iv's. Using a iv calculator, they can usually tell you the exact iv's at lvl 100.

    How do you use a iv calculator? Simple. Once in an iv battle, write their stats down somewhere and after the iv battle input the stats in an iv calculator. The most popular iv calculators are:

    Serebii's Iv Calculator
    Metal Kid's Calculator


    Hidden Power Breeding:
    Hidden power breeding is very complicated, and only the most skilled breeders are usually able to succed in these stages. Hidden power is a somewhat underestimated but surprising element in battling as although it has a maximum of 70 base power, it gives the pokemon the possibility to surprise opponents and give the pokemon excellent coverage in which it normally wouldnt have. In the r/s/e generation, hidden powers were physical/special depending on their type, in the d/p generation, ALL hidden powers are special based. Base power and typings of hidden powers are determined through the iv's.
    You can find iv combinations Here.

    Thats all from SM2 folks ;D

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