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    Cloning Guide - A sm2 production

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    Cloning Guide - A sm2 production

    Post by SM2 on Sun Apr 20, 2008 3:09 am

    Yup, imma teach j00 how to clone ;D All you have to do is read instructions.


    ''Cloning'' was first really introduced in the R/S/E generation, where the battle tower glitch allowed you to clone, in this guide, i'll be giving instuctions on how to GTS clone.

    Before you do a friggin thing though, im telling you this, People have been saying you can lose your file attempting this glitch, if you're that scared, dont continue on.

    - Wi-Fi
    - GTS Acces
    - 2 or more pokemon in your party
    - Acsess to a wireless router (Only for option 2)

    Through cloning, you can clone both the pokemon and item you attach to it during this cloning process.

    There are two ways of cloning, the first way i'll show you needs you to be able to have all the requirements excluding the wireless router, whilst option 2 requires you to be able to see your wireless router visually.If you're using a wi-fi usb stick or cannot see your router, use option no.1 of GTS cloning.

    K, lets get started.

    Step 1
    First, Go to Jubilife City. Go west from the Pokemon Center. Continue walking left until you
    see the global trade station(GTS). Enter the building. As soon as you enter, you should see a
    spinning globe on the left side of the building. Talk to the girl at the desk. She will ask if you would like to connect to the Global Trading Station. As you might have guessed. Select, "yes". Remember to have 2 or more pokemon with you.

    Step 2
    You should now be logged into it's main menu. You will see 3 options: Deposit Pokemon, Seek Pokemon, and Exit. Select Deposit Pokemon. And since this is your first time preforming this glitch, use a Pokemon that has no value of any kind.
    Example: Bidoof, Starly, Shinx, Ect.

    After you have selected your desired Pokemon, it will then ask you what you want for it. You need to always ask for either a lvl 9 or under darkrai, palkia or dialga, these pokemon were banned from the GTS and to this day and no dialga/ palkia has passed through w/o being lvl 47 or higher.

    Step 3

    Now don't think its over yet. You only completed the "EASY" part of the glitch.

    Once you have deposited your Pokemon up for trade, you will find a Loading Screen. It would say: "Checking GTS's Status.....".
    And if you look on the Right Side of that box. You will find a clock. As you might have guessed, the clock is what resembles that your game is loading. Well, this little clock here is the key to cloning your Pokemon succesfuly.

    Alright now the objective here is to shut your DS off 1 clock tick before the loading completes.
    The loading time completes at random times. So it doesn't always finish loading at the same time it did last time. But if you don't want to find yourself in frustration trying
    to complete the glitch. Then I would suggest what cloners call: "The 8th Spin Method".

    Ok lets get started. We are going to try "The 8th Spin Method" together. As soon as you enter the Loading Screen, you will see the Clock Hand rotating around clockwise. Always count 1 Rotation whenever the Clock Hand reaches the top of the clock. NOT from where it first started. You want your Clock to go around 8 Times. On the 8th spin, SHUT YOUR DS OFF.

    Step 4

    You have now succesfuly turned your DS Off as soon as the Clock Hand reached it's 8th Rotation...i hope >>
    You will be redirected to the main menu. The Menu should now read:
    Summary, Seek Pokemon, and Exit.
    Select the Summary.
    You will see that your Pokemon is now Deposited in the Global Trading Center.
    Just hit the "A" Button and it will ask you if you want to Take Back your Pokemon, or if you would like to leave it as is. Select Take Back.
    Your Pokemon should now be traded back to your Game, Once you receive your Pokemon back you should now have a copy of the pokemon in your pc/party and another exact copy in the pc/pary.

    If you didnt get it, you just have to attempt "The 8th Rotation Method" again. Just keep trying to get it to Rotate around 8 Times. You will get it eventually.

    Hope it helped ;D

    I know theres another way, but this is the most convenient way for everyone.

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