Pokemon Shadow League

This is a very fun place where you can hang out with Pokemon fans from all over the world. You can request trades, challenge a friend to a Wifi battle. You can also join tournaments and win prizes. We have a chatbox were you can chat with people.

    More Forum activity = Site growth

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    More Forum activity = Site growth Empty More Forum activity = Site growth

    Post by Angelo-kun on Wed Apr 23, 2008 4:09 pm

    This purpose of this thread is for Hooh and I to remind you all to keep the posts and activity goin. Forum activity is key to keeping this site growing. Chat box activity is great, although i would like the forums to be way more active. Be creative, creat new topics/discusions, any suggestions are welcome as well. Just remember everyone please particiapate on the forums, not just the chat box.

    - Angelo-Kun/Hooh-San.

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