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    ~EV Training Guide~

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    ~EV Training Guide~ Empty ~EV Training Guide~

    Post by SM2 on Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:37 pm

    Well, didnt really have enough time to do it before due to my end-of-term exams, but since hooh did ask nicely... i thought what the heck, might aswell. So lets get started!

    EV Training

    What are ''EV's''?:
    Ev's is the abbreviation of ''effort values''. Effort values are points not visible, but are still able to gain. The Ev system of pokemon games have developed over the generations, from when it started in pokemon gold/silver.

    How do ''EV's'' work?:
    Ev's work in a kind of point system. When 4 ev's are obtained in the same stat, a stat gains +1 through a level up, due to this level 100 pokemon CANNOT be ev trained as they cannot level up.

    How do i get ''EV's''? :
    Ev's are obtained through battling wild pokemon within the game, battling pokemon over wi-fi will NOT allow the pokemon to obtain ev's. Pokemon within the game give different ev's, for example, bidoof gives a pokemon 1 HP ev after defeating it, whereas a starly gives a pokemon 1 SPEED ev after defeating it. Sometimes Ev's correspond with the kind of pokemon it is, like a gastly giving a Sp.Attk ev each.

    Is there a quicker way of EV taining?:
    Yes, there is.

    Power Items:
    Certain ''power'' items were introduced to the d/p generation and can be bought through the Battle Tower. With power items attached whilst battling wild pokemon, the power item will give an automatic +4 ev to the stat it ''boosts'' (These stats can be seen within the description with power item) But just incase...

    Power Weight: +4 Hp Ev's
    Power Bracer: +4 Attack Ev's
    Power Belt: + 4 Defence Ev's
    Power Lens: +4 Sp.Attk Ev's
    Power Band: +4 Sp.Def Ev's
    Power Anklet: +4 Speed Ev's

    Note: A pokemon's speed is halved when they ae holding these items.

    Macho Brace:
    The macho brace of the R/S/E generation carries the same affect in this generation. A macho brace allow the user to double the ev's gained when defeating a wild pokemon. For example, when defeating a geodude, the pokemon defeating the geodude would receive +2 Defence ev's instead of a defence ev.

    Note: A pokemon's speed is halved when they are holding these items.

    Vitamins, unlike the macho brace and power items instantly give the receiving pokemon +10 ev's in the certain stat that the vitamin effects. There are spacific vitamins for each stat:

    Hp Up: +10 HP Ev's
    Protein: +10 Attack Ev's
    Iron: +10 Defence Ev's
    Calcium: +10 Sp.Attack Ev's
    Zinc: +10 Sp.Defence Ev's
    Carbos: +10 Speed Ev's

    Vitamins can be obtained in various ways, they can be bought at markets (though these stupid in-game markets LOVE ripping you off), through points in the battle tower, pickup ability, there are ALOT of them out there. Although they give an automatic 10 Ev's instantly, there is a limit. Vitamins have NO EFFECT after a 100 ev's are acheived. So no, you cant go crazy with those vitamins.

    Pokerus was a ''pokemon diesese'' introduced in the G/S/C generation in which it doubled the speed in which a pokemon's experiance gain increased, now in R/S/E, LG/FR and D/P, Ev's are doubled instead of Experiance. Pokerus is a ''virus'' mysteriously obtained by pokemon with a rare chance. Pokerus does not harm your game, but instead improves your pokemon. Although only good for gaining ev's, it'll give you a weird smiley face as an indication of pokerus being unspreadable to your other pokemon, That's right! Pokerus can be spread in it's active state in which party members may be affected during a battle or walk. Another useful pokerus use when ev training is the fact that it still affects the Ev's gained AFTER you attach one of the ev increasing items. So in theory if your pokemon defeats a starly whilst holding a power anklet AND has pokerus, the pokemon can gain a potential 10 Speed Ev's straight away. Heres the ev equation:

    Ev's From Defeated Pokemon (Original Ev's) x/+ (Item, if any) x pokerus(x2).

    Is there a limit to Ev Training?
    Yes, there is a limit, so no maxing out those stat's for all you nub's out there xD
    Each pokemon has a limit of 510 Ev's overall, and 255 Ev's in each stat. So in then end, 255 is only possible in 2 Stats.

    Ah, now that the questions are done, onto the ''Tips/Hints''. Here is a list of pokemon who give certain ev's:

    HP Attack Defence Speed Sp.Attack Sp.Defence

    Hope you enjoyed it ;D

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